As physiotherapists, we are trained in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of neuro-musculo-skeletal problems such as low back pain and the rehabilitation of patients following surgery. Where physiotherapy differs from other professions is our emphasis on the correction of movement dysfunction which can be the cause of problems such as low back pain, sports injuries or work-related musculo-skeletal problems. Physiotherapy is not concerned only with the treatment of symptoms. The physiotherapists at Colin Hill Physiotherapists are committed to interventions that, importantly, identify and correct the cause of your symptoms. Once the cause is identified we can prescribe an appropriate treatment/rehabilitation programme, which may include a combination of hands-on treatment such as joint mobilisation / manipulation, soft tissue mobilisation, rehabilitation in our practice and, importantly, a home exercise programme. Sometimes you will be referred to a biokineticist for further rehabilitation and strengthening.


At Colin Hill Physiotherapists we see clients referred from local GPs, and specialist consultants in the fields of orthopaedics, rheumatology and pain management. However, by far the majority of our referrals are by word-of-mouth based on our reputation as leaders in the fields of Physiotherapy.

Man bending forward in physical therapy centre, woman supervising, elevated view